Why Choose Us

  • Consulting with leading techniques: we are deep in computer science and software engineering research

  • Service oriented business model: we understand the needs of small and medium business. We take care of your particular demands no matter how small        your project is.

  • Professional technicians: along with professional IT developer, our team has professional graphic designer and professional photographer.

  • Turnkey solutions: from writing your Web content in English, French, and Chinese, to shopping cart solution, we build your site from scratch. We help to grow        your business.

  • Free estimates of your project.

We are commericalizing the research results in Dr. Yuhong Yan's lab Please check our publications for more information about our research.

Figure 1 Amenya Prototype

Web Service Discovery and Web Services Hub

(Last update: Feb. 2015)

Link: Web Service Discovery and Web Services Hub

Software implementation: Yucun Li and Hamed Mortazavi

Smart Entertainment Planner based on Service Discovery and Service Composition

(Last update: Feb. 2015)

Link: Hover the City

Software implementation: Yifei Zhang

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