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Our Best Contract Work

Luan Acupuncture Clinic

We write the site content in English, French, and Chinese. We use SEO to promote this site. As in Jan 2014, the site is ranked 1st in many search key words. Please see the test results.

Visit www.luanacu.com

GameZone Online Store

GameZone is a video game retailer. With the full fledged online store we built, GameZone can extend its business to worldwide market. We manage its over 1,000 products online.

Visit http://gamezoneshop.com/

Clinique Sino Sante

This site is launched after 2 weeks work. We transferred the existing domain name to us. Now we are working on SEO.

Visit www.acupuncturesinosante.com


Pecable is a kind of candied pecan with maple syrup. We designed its Website.

Visit www.pecable.ca

Battle Zone

Battle Zone is a space inside the Game Zone Store for the customers to play video games. We designed its Website.

Visit www.battle-zone.ca

Gamezone Trade in Store

Gamezone trade in store allows you to sell your used games and devices online to Gamezone. You receive payments via Paypal.

Visit http://gamezonetrade.com/

Able Chinese Acupuncture Clinic

Able Chinese Acupuncture Clinic is a Chinese Clinic located in Montreal focusing on Acupuncture therapy. We design its Website.

Visit www.montrealacu.com

Sino-Canadian College

Sino-Canadian College provides professional immigration services, which helps lots of people immigrate to Montreal. The website is designed by us.

Visit http://www.sccollege.ca/